False lashes

img_1816HELP! I need some SERIOUS advice right now. Okay, so I have never been a pro at applying false lashes and I’m trying to master this. I’ve found some lashes are so much easier to put on than others and I am struggling.

I recently bought a twin pack of Ardell Black Wispies and they are so beautiful. They create such a full, but natural look that I have been trying so desperately to achieve. As much as I love eye makeup, I’m also not a master mind at that either, so I want to be able to wear false lashes without eyeliner or shadow, while avoiding the appearance that I am a total bullshit liar and sporting some false lashes. Ya know what I mean?

So, my problem is… the Ardell Black Wispies I bought have an extremely thin band and it has been so difficult for me to put them on! It’s driving me mad, because I would love to be able to quickly put some lashes on before work in the morning, but it’s taking me anywhere between 15-20 minutes to get them looking HALFWAY decent (insert huge eye roll and sigh).

I’ve tried EVERYTHING I can think of. I use Duo Brush On Striplash Adhesive in white/clear on the band and let it sit for 30-35 seconds before placing it on my lid. I’ve tried using tweezers, lash applicator tools, and just my hands and I can never seem to get close enough to my natural lash line! WHAT GIVES?! I try placing the lash in the middle of my lid and then pushing down the sides, but the lashes get stuck all over the place and I have to take off and reapply the lash 5 times before I finally settle.

What tips do you have for a perfect false lash application? I am in desperate need of some guidance, unless one of you wants to come over every day and apply them for me. Please drop your most helpful tips in the comments!

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One thought on “False lashes

  1. Michele Martins Makeup says:

    My easiest lashes to put on are from Red Cherry Lashes Nr 43 and look very natural. My favourite eyelash glue is from Ardell LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive.
    So I first measure the lashes, then I cut the excess and apply the glue by putting it first on the tip of any eye makeup brush. It makes it easier, if you don’t apply the glue directly.
    To place the lashes, I hold them with 2 tweezers, having each tweezer in each of the hands. I hope it helps Xx


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