The Blair Bitch 2K Giveaway Winner!

Hello beauties!

For those of you who may have entered or kept track of The Blair Bitch 2k Giveaway, I want to say ‘thank you’! This was my first giveaway and I was not sure how it would turn out, but I am very thankful for everyone who participated by reposting, using the hashtag #theblairbitch2k, and tagging friends on my Instagram posts advertising this giveaway.

The Blair Bitch 2k Giveaway ran between August 5-August 27 and consisted of two eyeshadow palettes, body lotions, hair products, skincare products, and more. Unfortunately, this giveaway was not international, but I am hoping to host more giveaways in the future that will possibly be international. This giveaway was a ‘thank you’ to everyone who followed and helped my Instagram reach 2,000 followers recently.

The winner was announced in my Instagram story today, at 12pm EST. Feel free to take a look and see who the winner was by clicking here. If you didn’t win this time, follow me on Instagram for future giveaways!

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