Free MakeUp Eraser

Hello beauties,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any updates, but I promise you I’ll begin posting more frequently again soon. I’ll save the personal updates and photos for other posts, because this post will be a great opportunity for my readers – you guys!

I was happy to receive a message from a friend of mine on Facebook the other day, especially when she sent a link to receive a free MakeUp Eraser! MakeUp Eraser is a reusable, washable makeup removing cloth, normally available for $20 through their website and other retailers, like Sephora.

The MakeUp Eraser cloth lasts 3-5 years! All you have to do is add water to the cloth and then wipe away all of your makeup (even waterproof)! One side of the cloth has shorter material (designed to remove all makeup types), while the other side has longer material (designed to exfoliate the skin). The best part of all: no animal testing!

MakeUp Eraser Sample PackRight now, you can receive a free MakeUp Eraser sample through their website. No – I’m not joking! It’s totally free and takes less than one minute to grab. It’s as simple as following @makeuperaser on Instagram and verifying that you’re following them. There are no hidden tricks and you don’t even have to input any card information.

Have you grabbed your free sample yet? If not, head over to MakeUp Eraser’s website now, to claim your free sample!

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