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Motivation, goals, and networking!

Hello loves! I have been over the top demotivated recently and it’s really been taking an absolute toll on me. I feel terrible, because I feel I’ve been setting this blog up for failure and not committing enough time to it. I announced on…

A Beauty Nightmare

Hey there beauties! So today I’m going to take a weird turn with my posts and give you a beauty nightmare story that I’m currently going through. I really hope you’re ready for this, but if you’re squeamish I don’t suggest reading any further….

Summer breakouts

Hello beauties! As you might already know, I struggle with pesky breakouts on my face from time to time (I mean, who doesn’t though). I have a terrible time with blemishes on my face and unfortunately I pick at scabs after I’ve popped them….

A quick update…

Happy Thursday! It’s almost Friday and I honestly could not be more thankful. The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful and as you are all aware of, I try to be completely open and honest about the struggles I go through with my…

Praise the booty

Hello beauties (or should I say booties)! Okay, that was extremely obnoxious and I apologize for my dad jokes. If you’ve been keeping up, I’ve been attempting to work on my physical health a lot more lately in an attempt to get more fit….