Soapus Pocus, Soap for the Wicked

Hello ghouls!

If you’re like me, anything horror or spooky inspired is a must. That’s why when Instagram user @baby.b0nes announced she was making custom soaps for the wicked, I needed to get my claws on them.

The creator of Soapus Pocus, Lexi, began crafting a collection of vegan, handmade soaps this past January. Now, just a few months into her craft, Lexie has made nearly 300 sales through the Soapus Pocus Etsy page with over 10 unique styles of soaps and 1 bath bomb! These items range anywhere between $5-$10 and all smell AMAZING. Let’s take a look at some of the items in my collection…

copy of the blair bitch

Items pictured (from left to right):

  • Heart of the Damned – infused with dry lavender and lavender essential oil; available in multiple weights. The lavender essential oils are perfect for helping calm nerves and providing a relaxing bath or shower. This soap appears black, but is transparent when held in the light (see this soap in the light below).
  • Gone Batty – infused with dry lavender and lavender essential oil; available in multiple weights. Similar to “Heart of the Damned”, this soap is also transparent, but in a beautiful purple hue.
  • Who’s There? – infused with vanilla essential oil, with shea butter. Vanilla is another great scent for helping the body relax, paired with moisturizing she butter to help leave your skin as soft as ever.
  • Summon Me – infused with lemongrass essential oils and activated charcoal; available in multiple weights. The activated charcoal is great for removing toxins within the skin, while the lemongrass provides relief to the body.

Every ingredient is listed on each post and thankfully they are all vegan. Each order comes with a custom, handwritten note, making each order personalized.

Soapus Pocus is going on a hiatus for now, so hurry and grab the last of the available stock while you can! These spooky soaps are running out quickly and whatever is left is all that may be available for a while. Be sure to check out the Soapus Pocus Instagram page for future updates by following @soapuspocus now!

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