Walmart Beauty Box

Hello beauties!

Subscription boxes have absolutely changed the game over the last few years. From makeup, to snacks, to comics, you can sign up and receive subscription boxes quarterly, monthly, and weekly. Have you heard of any of these boxes?

ipsy – ipsy is a monthly subscription ‘Glam Bag’ full of five cosmetic sample-sized products. For only $10 a month you can sign up for ipsy and receive items including makeup, skincare, nail care, perfumes, and skincare based on questions you answer upon signing up. This was my first monthly subscription and I absolutely loved it. However, over time the products fit my preferences less and less and most of the ‘Glam Bags’ just didn’t fit my personal style either.

Graze – Graze is a fun subscription box that sends different snacks weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. When you sign up for a subscription, you create a custom snack profile with your preferences. You can choose different tastes and dietary preferences (which is great for everyone). Each Graze box is $13.99, however you can also buy Graze snacks separately without a subscription!

Loot Crate – Loot Crate is a perfect subscription box for those of you who love games, comics, anime, or pop culture. Like most subscription boxes, Loot Crate sends you items that meet your preferences (shirts, figurines, etc.). I’m not too familiar with Loot Crate, but there’s a lot of different options on their website that look amazing and fun. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription for around $20 a month (sometimes more, depending on what type of box you choose).

Currently, the only box I am subscribed to is the Walmart Beauty Box. For each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) you will receive a box with different products that you can find at Walmart. I decided to sign up for this subscription box once I cancelled my subscription to ipsy and Birchbox. As inexpensive as ipsy and Birchbox are, I couldn’t commit to paying $10/month for products I didn’t find myself even using. The Walmart Beauty Box is only $5 – you only pay a flat shipping rate of $5!

My latest box was the ‘Winter Trendsetter Box’. I guess the late arrival is following our current Winter-like weather here in Massachusetts. I was a little disappointed, because I received a product I  previously received in my Spring box of 2017. Unfortunately, I haven’t received many items that fit my personal needs, so I find myself giving away a lot of the samples I receive. It’s a great price though, so if you’re interested take a look here.

Here’s what I received in my Winter Trendsetter Beauty Box:

What subscription boxes have you tried? Let me know in the comments what your favorite subscription boxes are and which ones are worth it!

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