Vacation time

Happy Monday!

Every Monday I usually think to myself ‘wow, I wish I was still in bed’ or that I was on vacation… and let me tell you this Monday is no different. Monday’s are the absolute WORST, but next Monday I’ll be on a plane to one of my favorite places. We’re heading back to Seattle, WA!

Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit. Coming from the East Coast, the atmosphere just seems so different in Seattle. The air seems cleaner, the people seem nicer, the scenery is much more beautiful… My boyfriend, Tad, and I have traveled across the country to Seattle a few times in the last two years. Sure, it’s not a tropical getaway, but it’s fun nonetheless.

In celebration of our upcoming vacation, here are some pictures from our trips to the PNW:

Some pictures from MoPop’s horror exhibit in 2017:

And some randoms:

Where are some places you’d rather be vacationing on this Monday afternoon? Leave some of your favorite vacation spots and memories in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Vacation time

  1. notwastingtoday says:

    Italy is one of my favourite holiday countries – Rome is great for a city trip and the beaches near Venice are amazing for a relaxed sunny holiday

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