Lime Crime’s M$LF swatches

In celebration of Lime Crime’s recent release of M$LF 2, I thought I’d post some swatches of the original M$LF Velvetines Set. This beautiful set is no longer in stock, however you can purchase M$LF 2 on Lime Crime’s website now for $80.00$49.99!!! Get an additional 20% off your first purchase with Lime Crime with my referral, by clicking here.

M$LF (Mom’s I’d Like to Follow) includes four colors that apply like soft butter and smell like cupcakes:

  • Cougar – Grey Taupe
  • Low Cut – True Terracotta
  • M$LF – Rose Nude
  • Stacy’s Mom – Sugar Plum Mauve

“Many of our Instagram fans are young moms. I admire these women because they manage to be dedicated mothers and still slay their makeup! This collection celebrates all women and empowers them to be their most confident, bad-ass selves. These are the moms I’d like to follow!”

– Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime

M$LF and M$LF 2 both come in a little box, that looks similar to a cigarette box, but houses these Veveltines. The boxes include some really inspirational and uplifting compliments that’ll leave you smirking as you think of the contrast from the normal Surgeon General’s warnings you may be used to seeing on a real box of cigarettes. Check them out:

Do you have any Lime Crime products? If not, what are you looking to add to your collection from their line? Let me know in the comments!

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