A Beauty Nightmare

Hey there beauties!

So today I’m going to take a weird turn with my posts and give you a beauty nightmare story that I’m currently going through. I really hope you’re ready for this, but if you’re squeamish I don’t suggest reading any further. Especially when it comes to nail injuries. Well, here it goes…

So, after a long time of not getting my nails done I finally decided to get some fake nails back in December. For months I hopped around to different nail techs, trying to find my favorite place. I went through the whole fill process several times and had a set removed and replaced, yada yada yada ya.

I’m not sure what happened, but after Tad proposed I got REAL lazy and stopped getting my nails filled. They grew way too long and I hate removing acrylics on my own, so I just left them on. Some nails started lifting, others remained solidly in tact with my natural nails. Until one day…

Out of aggravation with lord knows what, I angrily grabbed my car door and instantly felt some of the worst pain in my thumb. BAM! Blood started dripping and my nail looked like it had detached from my nail bed.

After a few days of cautiously cleaning, removing dried blood, and bandaging up my thumb, it seemed like things were starting to get better. (Seemed is the key word, but we’ll get back to that later). I was too afraid to do anything, so I left my acrylic on my natural nail and slowly it felt secure and no longer loose.

Fast forward to a week later, Tad and I are getting into bed and somehow we managed to move at the same time and his knee flies into the same hand that just recovered. When I tell you I thought I broke my finger from the snapping noise that emerged, I am not being over dramatic. My pinky was now gushing blood. Worse than my thumb was. I could physically start lifting my acrylic and natural nail in well… unnatural ways.

It finally got to the point where I needed to remove my acrylic nails. I cut them down as short as I could (fake nail still attached) and tried to jimmy the fakes off of my nail beds. My pinky had healed quickly and my nail, thankfully, was still in tact with the nail bed.

My nails are embarrassing to even look at at this point, so right when I decide I should go get my nails done again, I notice that my thumb nail looks as though it is separated from the nail bed on the edge of my nail. Some of you may not even understand what I’m trying to say, but for those of you who have gone through anything similar, I praise you. I started wearing a band aid again, thinking holding the nail in place will avoid any further damages and hopefully the nail will stay attached, as it previously had.

I’m not sure why weeks after this injury this happened, but a simple movement caused another snap in my nail. My thumb nail is now broken where my cuticle is and is barely hanging on. I am PETRIFIED to touch it and have kept a band aid on it at all times. I DON’T WANT TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKS OR FEELS LIKE! But I don’t know what to do at this point!

They say pain is beauty and holy shit were they right. I can’t say I didn’t warn you, but I apologize if just reading this made you queasy!

If you’ve ever had similar problems with your nails and your whole nail actually came off, please let me know in the comments. I’m thinking I may have to deal with my nails being short from now on after this nightmare!

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3 thoughts on “A Beauty Nightmare

  1. FitAsh says:

    Oh no! I so sorry! I’ve had a similar awful experience with fake nails… they are forever short now because I can’t do that to my poor nails again! 😭 I hope your nail/thumb recovers soon!

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