Motivation, goals, and networking!

Hello loves!

I have been over the top demotivated recently and it’s really been taking an absolute toll on me. I feel terrible, because I feel I’ve been setting this blog up for failure and not committing enough time to it. I announced on my Instagram recently that I was going to go on a hiatus from posting the weekly Look Book posts, so that I could get more personal and post more about myself and home in Salem. How am I supposed to post about myself when I’m so unhappy with ME though?

Don’t get me wrong, this all sounds a little more dramatic and alarming than intended, but I guess what I’m trying to get at is… I’m just SO demotivated. I’ve touched base on this subject before and have expressed time and time again my struggles with setting up goals, which I don’t meet, and then I get even MORE demotivated. Yikes, what a vicious cycle, right?

So, where can I break the cycle? I don’t particularly view myself as this inspirational person, but I’d like to think if I can at least help myself, maybe I can help those around me with similar issues. Now, what ‘issues’ am I aiming to fix though? As you can see, I’m a bit all over the place with my thoughts in this post, so thank you if you’ve been able to read along and understand my end goal here.

I run a health and beauty blog here, but I BARELY do my makeup. So, my first order of business to break my bad habits of not doing makeup, is to at least do face makeup every day. I’m talking simple face makeup here, so I can at least get into the habit of doing that again. I used to not leave my house without filling in my eyebrows and now I don’t even do that!!! I can no longer accept or allow that as a ‘beauty blogger’.

My second order of business here is to get to know my readers better! I want to interact more with you all and get tips and tricks for makeup, hair, beauty, and health, that can be shared with other readers. I think it’s important to build relationships and networks with other people with similar interests to gain support. As some as you may know, one of my original goals with The Blair Bitch was to build an area for people to share their work with makeup and beauty and network on a smaller scale. I don’t want to lose sight of that goal.

So, the first topic I’d like to reach out to my readers about is… what is your typical routine to get ready for the day? Do you fill your eyebrows in before you do foundation? Do you even use foundation? What part of your makeup needs to be done before you leave the house? Let’s discuss! Let me know how long your routine usually takes and HOW do you push yourself to get it done everyday?

Please leave some tips and tricks for a daily makeup look in the comments and let’s just… talk!

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One thought on “Motivation, goals, and networking!

  1. notwastingtoday says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan there! I use a priming moisturiser, concealer, and powder foundation as a start. I then use a brow mascara, regular mascara and use a lip balm. If it’s a more interesting day i’ll blend a shade or two of eyeshadow and do a cat eye with an eyeliner pen. I’m all about Glossier at the moment because they promote looking like you, a normal human with flaws to be celebrated rather than hidden. They’re also vegan I think, don’t use animal testing, use natural ingredients and their products adapt to your skin tone really well


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