How soon is “too soon” to plan your wedding?

Hello brides, brides to be, and anyone who wants to get married one day!

My question today is… when is it TOO soon to start planning your wedding? Of course growing up and getting into serious relationships I’ve had plans and wants for my future wedding, but now that I’m engaged I don’t know what to do!!!

Tad and I have been engaged since late April and are planning on a wedding that is further in the future than either of us originally expected, but both agree on. We’re talking over one year in the future too, so is it wrong that I’m already freaking out over planning things? I’ve been sitting here since April thinking to myself that I have plenty of time to plan, but being the overthinking worrier that I am, I realized… I might not actually have that much time to figure my shit out.

One of my closest friends at Stay-At-Home Girlfriend will also be tying the knot soon, so when the bridesmaids got together recently I kind of internally freaked out. WHERE DO I BEGIN?! There’s so much to think about and plan and I’ve only technically been to three weddings in my entire life, so what do I even know? Sure, I have an idea of what I want for a dress and bridesmaids and possibly location, but there is so much to plan!

What do I do for a bridesmaid proposal? What are the center pieces going to look like? What about Save the Dates? How can I save money for EVERYTHING? WHERE DOES IT END AND WHERE DOES IT BEGIN?! I’m not even sure about smaller things that I might be forgetting about either.

So, I need your help. If you have gotten married or have played a big role in wedding planning, send me your thoughts! What are the things that I cannot miss when planning the wedding? Let me know in the comments or contact me here.

(We’re thinking a dark, fall wedding – please pass along any decorative ideas!)

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