If Looks Could Kill – Accounts to Follow for Halloween Inspo

Happy Hauntings, ghouls!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s almost Halloween! Ever since I was little, Halloween time has always been my favorite time of year. Dressing up in your favorite costumes of ghouls, movie characters, and more gives us a chance to be someone else for the night.

I remember my mum preparing me for Halloween marches around school… teasing my hair, letting me borrow her favorite red lipsticks, and putting every finishing touch on my costumes. From a cheerleader, to Jessie from Queen of the Damned, to Baby One More Time era Britney Spears (okay that last one was made possible by my dad), my mum always made sure I had the best makeup and hair for Halloween.

Over the years, the makeup community has been blowing away Halloween looks. SFX makeup artists and those alike have taken Halloween makeup styles to a whole new level. Fake cuts, zombie white contact lenses, and crazy colored wigs and costumes have blown my mother’s red lipstick looks from when I was little out of the water.

In addition to Halloween night, horror movie marathons, and the ghostly decorations around town, seeing the makeup looks from all of the creative artists online is one of my biggest enjoyments of the season. Trick or treating may be cancelled in some communities this year, but who says you can’t still dress up? Let’s take a peak at some of my favorite artist’s work this Halloween season… if you haven’t chosen a costume for Halloween night yet, hopefully these looks will inspire you, like they did for me!


Bayley has been creating hauntingly good looks throughout this Halloween season that you won’t want to miss. The two looks featured above are recreations of Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body (2009) and Peter Graham from Hereditary (2018). Bayley’s looks are some of my absolute favorites. If you love the horror genre, her dark looks and content are something to keep Halloween alive throughout the year. She has been pairing up with other members of the online makeup community to bring us the craziest renditions of horror movies and classic spookiness, in a truly beautiful way.


I stumbled upon Brittany’s Instagram recently and her looks have not disappointed. Brittany has been creating the perfect Halloween looks and videos of her work throughout October. The two looks above feature recreations of your favorite Good Guys doll, Chucky, and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).


From singer to cosplayer, there’s nothing that Leidy cannot do gorgeously. While you can catch Leidy posting cosplay looks any time of the year, her Halloween and SFX looks are to die for. You can catch Leidy cosplaying as well-known characters like Wanda and Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents, and as seen above, Catwoman and Hogwarts Gryffindor students.


Talk about range! Crystal is one of my top favorite users to follow on Instagram. Crystal’s talent for every day makeup looks to Halloween and SFX looks is something you won’t want to miss out on. If photos aren’t enough, she also posts tutorials and the cutest reels and TikTok’s of her looks, bringing a whole other level to the game. Above, you’ll see some of her recreations of some familiar movie and TV characters like Bonnie from The Craft (1996), Edward Scissorhands (1990), and The Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel (2015).


Dani’s Instagram features an assortment of posts relating to Halloween and horror. Her Halloween and SFX looks will keep you counting down the days for All Hallows Eve, but her horror related content will make you wish every day was Halloween. If you love the occasional spooky look and content, any time of the year, you won’t regret checking out Dani’s page.

While huge parties and gatherings have been cancelled this year for Halloween, it doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up and have a little fun (even if it’s just to take pictures). Which of these looks is your favorite? What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Make sure to follow all of these amazing accounts on Instagram for some inspiration! If you know of any accounts creating some hauntingly good Halloween inspired looks this year, leave them in the comments!

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