Horror Valentine’s Cards – For Sale Now!

Horror Valentine’s Cards Bundle – Buy Now on Etsy!

If you’re struggling to find a Valentine’s Day card for that special someone in your life who loves horror movies, look no further! One of the newest items listed on The Blair Bitch Etsy Shop is the Horror Valentine’s Day Card Bundle. This bundle includes 5 cards, all featuring a different horror movie character and horror/valentine inspired sayings. Each card is printed on white textured card stock. Horror movie characters featured include Gizmo, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, Jigsaw, and Pennywise.

  • 7×5″ Gizmo “Meet Me After Midnight?” Card
  • 7×5″ Jigsaw “Let’s Play A Game” Card
  • 7×5″ Ghostface “Call Me?” Card
  • 5×7″ Freddy Krueger “You’re So Dreamy” Card
  • 5×7″ Pennywise “You Make My Boat Float” Card

Grab yours before February 9th, to ensure you’ll receive your order in time for Valentine’s Day! This bundle is available now on The Blair Bitch Etsy Shop for $12, plus shipping and handling.

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