The Blair Bitch Shop

I’ve been wanting to open a shop for years, but couldn’t ever make up my mind about what I wanted to sell. Making templates for Instagram Stories really sparked my inner designer skills I picked up back in the day from creating MySpace layouts, but I wanted to do more with it. Clothing for adults, kids, and babies with a spooky twist was my first go to, but after repping for a couple of small businesses run by mothers, it started to seem like a very stressful and time consuming business.

I work a full time job, remotely, while still juggling a home to keep clean and a toddler. Having a job is hard enough, but add in a toddler who seems to be a pint sized destroyer of all things already, and it’s nearly impossible to do anything else. I’m truly amazed at how much of my online mommy friends are able to accomplish with their small businesses that involve physical items, like clothing. For any small business owner with physical items, I give you major props.

So, if clothing wasn’t going to work out (at least for now), then what was my next option? Well, in addition to my love for digital designs, I’m also a huge note taker and list maker. My list making and organization habits when it comes to accomplishing nearly anything in life are borderline OCD, but helps keep me in check. As a kid, I’d buy excessive amounts of notebooks and planners, and this habit has bled into adulthood. I’m constantly looking for the perfect planner, because digital calendars and notes just don’t cut it for me. Something about being able to physically cross a task off my list is just too rewarding and satisfying, so why not take my design and organization skills and make something out of it?

Now, please bare with me. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, I do tend to ramble, so please forgive my long winded announcement here, but I finally opened a shop! To test the waters, I opened The Blair Bitch Shop on Etsy in December. To avoid the stress and huge amounts of money involved in physical items, I began creating digital downloads for monthly calendars, planners, and notepads, all with a spooky twist! Please feel free to check out some of my items listed below:

2022 Vintage Horror Calendar (digital download)

Strange and Unusual Notepad Bundle (digital download)

Whimsical Witch Planner Inserts – A4, A5, Letter (digital download)

These listings are all available for purchase on The Blair Bitch Etsy Shop to print at home now and I’m planning on adding a lot more to the shop in the future. Please feel free to favorite my shop and items and share any of the listings. I’m constantly brewing up new materials to create, so if there is anything specific you’re looking for, let me know!

Please feel free to visit and follow me on my social media pages:
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